Payment Options

We accept assignment of benefits from all major Dental PPO Insurance and Indemnity Companies, HSA/FSA accounts.


In house payment plans are available for some major treatment plans WAC

Do you have Dental HMO / DHMO / DMO insurance?

While we are not a dental HMO/DMO/DHMO provider clinic, please note that on some major dental procedures such as extractions (including wisdom teeth and full-mouth extractions), root canals (endodontic treatment), dental implants, dentures our fee structure is frequently lower than it is for the contracted dental HMO/DHMO/DHMO dental specialists.

Also, please note that some HMO / DHMO / DMO insurance plans do provide partial Emergency Treatment compensation to our offices for services performed on Friday afternoons, late evenings and weekends. You will have to contact your dental HMO / DHMO / DMO insurance provider to obtain an authorization to be seen at one of our offices. Please call us at 904-998-0000 should you have any questions.

All Types of Dental Emergencies Handled